Regarding some of the public comments made about officials

The Swedish MMA Federation fully and proudly support and put faith in any official in MMA who clearly follow and implement the rules and actively work to protect the athletes’ health. Being an official and specifically referees is a very challenging task every time they step in to a cage. A task very few seek and accept, even for a short period of time.

We sadly note that this weekend comments were made regarding a referee’s performance, some of these very unbalanced and in some cases also uneducated. This is something seen in and around many sports around the world. Although we realize it is normalized by many we can only sadly note that it happens and hope doing our part for an improvement. What many may not realize is that those sort of comments from people with a high level of public influence often fuel others to act and speak out, both in public forums but also in personal channels. We have been shown some of these messages and they vary in tone and content but the worst are serious threats and full of hate.

We would like to clarify that when it comes to the evaluation and development of Swedish officials we would happily take advice and feedback when it is submitted from other educated and experienced officials. In this specific case profiles with suitable training and experience have provided support for the official, hence we continue to be very proud and support of the individual in question.