The sport MMA

Mixed martial arts or as most people know it as, MMA, is a sport with kicks, punches, throws and ground fighting with full contact. Unlike many traditional martial arts, MMA does not define how the practitioner should implement a particular technique, but explains simpler what the practitioner cannot do. Below you will find information about our rules, security, anti-doping efforts and much more.

What is MMA? Mixed Martial Arts

In 648 BC, the sport was introduced ”Pankration” (Greek for ”all forces”) in the Olympic Games. The sport can be described as a mixture of boxing and wrestling and eventually became the most popular branch of the Olympic Games. Standing combat and boxing were common but often the bouts on the ground were determine where both locks of different types and punches were allowed.

Modern Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is designed for sparring and competition and the ambition is to have as few technical limitations as possible while ensuring that no practitioner is injured. In general, boxing (Kickboxing and Muay Thai is included), wrestling (Freestyle and Greco-Roman and, to a certain extent, Judo) and grappling (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and, to a certain extent, Sambo) are the three styles that make up the core of almost all modern MMA. In both Western and Eastern martial arts, practitioners are fostered in a spirit of respect, humility and fair play, and even within MMA that originated from these traditions.