Cage Warriors comments by Johan Halldin, president SMMAF

  • augusti 3, 2014
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After discussing the latest decision by the Pro-Committee the SMMAF board has decided to dissolve the committee. We feel that both their performance and their working directives have been far from satisfactory. The board has decided on producing a set of clearer and more stringent working directives for the new Pro-Committee. This work is expected to be finalized before 20th September and having a new committee in place before 1st of October.

Personally I feel sorry that both Cage Warriors and the athletes had to face the consequences of the balance act we have to perform in order to retain the sanctioning rights we have from the Swedish government. It is obviously not easy for a committee to ascertain an athlete’s exact competence but there must be ways to write the directives so that it can be clearer who should be considered ready for a certain rule set and who is not.

Our ambition is to quickly have a solution in place that works both for the MMA-community and the Swedish government that grants us our sanctioning rights.

I also feel that I must address certain information that has been circulating considering the SMMAF sanctioning fees. The sanctioning fee for an event is 3490 SEK (approx. 500 USD). It has been the same amount for many years and it can easily be found on our website.

However an event arranger can also chose to buy services from the SMMAF. Examples of these services are; doctors, timekeepers, wrap check, score-sheet administrators, referees, judges, etc. This is NOT compulsory. An event arranger can chose to buy these services on the market (some of these functions must obviously uphold certain criteria, for example: the referees and judges must hold a valid SMMAF license, the doctors must have a license to practice medicine in Sweden).

Some large international event arrangers have chosen to buy all these services from SMMAF since it is convenient for them. They have also chosen to have more individuals performing these functions than the SMMAF has as its minimum requirement. An example of this is that the SMMAF requires a minimum of two doctors but one international arranger has chosen to use five doctors.

The money that SMMAF charges for these services goes directly to the professionals performing these tasks. Any profits that may come as a consequence of the SMMAF offering these services are mainly used for the SMMAF Amateur League and the SMMAF Amateur National Team. The SMMAF board and committees do not receive any pay; their work is solely pro-bono.

Best regards

Johan Halldin
Swedish MMA Federation