Ruling of the SMMAF Assessment Committee concerning the protest in the match between Paul Reed and Martin Svensson.

  • maj 27, 2011
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The SMMAF Assessment Committee has found that the original decision in the match between Paul Reed and Martin Svensson shall stand.

For detailed information please read the Assessment Committee Ruling Protocol and the Assessment Committee Work Directive and Method Document.

Comment George Sallfeldt, President SMMAF:

“The Assesment Committee says in their ruling that sometimes judgment calls are needed in MMA. I think many fans would like to see only clear wins or losses so there would be no controversies. But these close calls are also a part of the nature of this sport, like it or not.”

“We have all heard a rather famous person in the MMA-world say ‘Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges!’. I think very few fighters do that on purpose and we will most likely have to live with the fact that controversies about winner/loser will arise from time to time.”