Ruling of the SMMAF Assessment Committee concerning the protest in the matches between Jeremy Horn – Thales Leites and Reza Madadi – Rich Clementi.

  • maj 16, 2011
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The SMMAF Assessment Committee has found that the original decisions in the matches Jeremy Horn vs Thales Leites and Reza Madadi vs Rich Clementi shall stand.

For detailed information please read the Assessment Committee Ruling Protocols and the Assessment Committee Work Directive and Method Document.

Comment George Sallfeldt, President SMMAF:

“The Assessment Committee say in their ruling that they haven´t been able to find any obvious mistakes or a clear errors as far as the acts of the referee, judges and other officials were concerned”.

“The Assessment Committee will only change an original decision if they find something that is any obvious mistake or a clear error. They will not go in and change a close decision. That is what the judges are there for.”

“Having a formal protest procedure like this is important for the Swedish MMA Federation. If obvious mistakes are made that impacted the outcome of a match the Assessment Committee has the power to overrule erroneous decisions. However it seems that they did not feel that was the case this time.”